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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to Find the Best Web Hosting Provider?

This is the question I have been asking my friends recently? Web hosting providers can be a hard species to trust, as many bad experiences are found on the web. I have had experiences with web hosts who sell lowest prices with most features and then end up charging me highest prices for the fewest features.

Eventually, I decided to increase the maturity level of my query and turned to I asked Google about the best way to find hosting providers. It turns out, I am not the only one facing this dilemma. I found that if I wanted a thorough research on the best web hosting providers, I needed

It is a free research guide which provides results based upon multiple criterion. It is not merely a top 10 web hosting sites list. There is a detailed learning center that focuses on empowering the user by transferring knowledge about domains, hosting, bandwidth, dedicated servers, co-location and even web hosting scams.

There are enough resources for every kind of user. Want to host blogs on a budget? has a list of web hosting providers who pass the challenge. Need a professional e-commerce host? The right resources are just a click away.

By far the best feature is the "In-Depth Comparison Chart". It provides a detailed analysis of prices, features, email features, scripts, data center, control panel and customer support and comparatively rates all of them. Nothing is better than a free resource that adds more value than it seems. Definitely recommended for all my friends and readers.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Google Knol Ranks Quicker and Higher

Google's Knol has been the topic of heated debate amongst bloggers and SEO consultants since it launched earlier this week. Some have seen their Knol pages rank higher for search terms than web sites which have been online for longer periods. This is really a disturbing instance, if true.

I have decided to test this and created a knol about Adnan Ali.

Let us see how this changes the Search Engine Result for Adnan Ali. You can help this experiment by visiting the Adnan Ali Knol or searching for Adnan Ali on Google.

I will update the result in a couple of weeks. If the bloggers are all right about this Knol feature, then I hope Google listens and adjusts its algorithms. Otherwise it will be big egg on the Google face.

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ansar Burney is the New 'Chawwal' King

Mr. Burney completed his tenure as the first care taker Human Rights Minister. Aaj TV had a promo depicting his tenure as a tireless supporter for Indian spies while innocent Pakistanis were brutally tortured and murdered in Indian jails.

He surely is a chawwal.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Google's gDay service launched: Search One Day in the Future

Google Australia's Gday is the latest in the series of Google's April Fool pranks. Claiming to be able to search one day in the future, this new service creates mashups by factoring in recurrence plots, fuzzy measure analysis, online betting odds and iGoogle weather report.

It also employs a statistical extrapolation of PageRank known as SageRank.

All for the good laughs Google. Let us see how many fall for it.

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Path of a Patriot by Baig

Opposing General Pervez Musharraf is not a cause worth endorsing solely by itself.

General Pervez Musharraf is not the man he was when he first usurped the seat of Pakistan's government. Over time as his political age has advanced, he has undergone a staged metamorphosis: from an amateur idealist, to a practitioner of temperate Realpolitik, and then finally to an outright Machiavellian Prince.

It will be profoundly self-righteous of any single one of us to contend with authority that if exposed to the General's temptations - the troika of International interests, institutional weaknesses and a manipulable judiciary - we ourselves would not succumb to a similar fate. Opposing General Pervez Musharraf is therefore akin to focussing on the proverbial symptoms of a malady, and not its root, when in fact ours should be a struggle against the method of perpetuation of our affliction and not its recurring product. We are merely opposing a masque today.

It is high time that we question our motives before treading any further with placards in hand and slogans on tongue. The return to democracy we yearn for today can potentially be a rude awakening since General Pervez Musharraf's successor – in the wake of an all-pardoning National Reconciliation – is set to be Ms. Benazir Bhutto. Notwithstanding those forgotten corruption charges of fraudulently amassing roughly $1.5B of the nation's wealth[1], she is a more vociferous representation of strategic international interests than the General; she is the proverbial soldier of fortune.

This implies that there will undoubtedly be an intensification of tribal conflict leading to increased national destability in the event of her election and subsequent government. Moreover, the tide of extremism in Pakistan is unlikely to be subdued by a satellite government zealously enforcing external decree; if anything, it will fuel the same. Overall, such a fanning of the flames could be a fatal development in a climate where the country's social fabric is reminiscent of 1971 and international monitors are preparing contingency plans for securing Pakistani nuclear assets. Quite simply the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is a threat to national security – Ms. Benazir Bhutto's ascent must be stopped. This is as crucial as our government's reversion to democracy and deposition of General Pervez Musharraf; and so we have two objectives to achieve - not just one.

Our struggle at present is predominantly composed of pro-democracy demonstrations marked with an indifference to political positioning. A lot has been said in favor of this strategic non-alignment, and rightly so. However, such apathy is jeopardous on at least one account: the movement is an easy target for political highjack. Even as you read this, the PPP is actively conflating the tide of sentiment in Pakistani youth with its own pressure tactics. And it is no secret that having inherited the devotion of Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's unflappable loyalists, the PPP needs but a small further push to tip the scales completely in its favor. By being non-aligned, we give this party exactly that opportunity. This profound risk should not be overlooked when assessing the true virtue of our neutralism, and its true cost to our future.

We need to elevate our intellectual capital to genuinely understand the crossroads we find ourselves standing at today. In this regard, a study of history can be valuable since there exist patterns in human behavior which accord it a degree of predictability. Our struggle can hence greatly benefit from comparable examples from these archives - hindsight has the latency to impart wisdom no conjecture can provide. And so, the following case is worthy of notice.

There are lessons to be learnt from India. On 25th June 1975, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in the country - precisely two weeks after the High Court in Ahmedabad UP (where she had won parliament elections in 1971) ruled her recent election win void due to election fraud. Soon the prime minister, aided by the promulgation of President’s Rule, was ruling virtually by decree and thus began the country’s turbulent two-year journey through calculated oppression.

Ms. Gandhi was a proponent of a rather efficient school of oppression management. She administered a generous dose of comprehensive media blackout throughout the land, in effect birthing a communicative quarantine that drove deep schisms through the opposition camp and compartmentalized it into isolated pools. This efficiently dispersed the threat of a backlash. Leaders who took the cause of opposition found their clout limited in the absence of established channels of information flow, and so a unifying figurehead to lead the people of the land in their darkest hour was unable to flourish.

The Indian example can give us a better understanding of our own situation. Firstly, the example illuminates the indispensability of effective communication, without which, the rivers of protest cannot converge to form the ocean of change. Any tyrant understands this modus operandi, and thus does his paramount to disallow it. Secondly, it deconstructs the mechanics of tyranny: a potentially equivalent popular-reaction develops as a direct consequence of oppression, but precipitates only when catalyzed by a unifying leadership structure – or disperses ineffectually otherwise.

It is imperative that we truly understand the function of the aforementioned unifying leader. Unlike days of responsible citizenship, in times when the general populace cries "Revolution!” the role of a leader is less of a mobilizer and more of a focal point. . He is not required to inspire them into action – such impetus already beats within each protesting heart. He chiefly exists as an anti-thesis to the oppressor and gives the separately protesting throngs a locus of confluence. Consequently for such a figurehead to fill the leadership vacuum, the only crucial attribute is universal agreeability – for then, like fire-flies, the masses gravitate to him in expression of their dissent.Therefore, we can realize our dreams for Pakistan by first designating a popular leader and then by empowering him through our voice, our action; our multitude. Such a platform of focussed patriotism has the potential of setting off a chain-reaction through capturing imaginations and stirring feet into vigor anew. And in this struggle, one good tiding is that we are all the progeny of the information age. In the guise of the World Wide Web, and to some extent cellular networks, we command a dissemination instrument which is pervasive and almost unstoppable. General Musharraf's emergency may have blacked out more conventional forms of media; it cannot restrain our virtual eyes, ears and tongues.

When considering the contendership of a unifying leader for our cause, the names of Hon'ble Mr. (Ex) Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Mr. Imran Khan and Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan naturally spring to mind. To my understanding, all three are compelling choices. I am of the view that whereas extremely competent and reasonably charismatic Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan would be nothing short of a grave national risk given his allegiance to Ms. Benazir Bhutto. Unless the good Barrister publicly proclaims his independence from the PPP to eliminate any conflict of interest therein, we should maintain his ineligibility for the position. In between Hon'ble Mr. (Ex) Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and Mr. Imran Khan, I would lend my support to the latter, given his hitherto commendable record of public service (the Cancer Hospital), his outspoken patriotism and his public appeal. On the whole, time is of the essence for us to reach a consensus on this choice. Destiny will not forgive, nor forget, our complacency.

The efficacy of our struggle is dependent upon efficient, disciplined micro-management. In this consideration, our foremost duty is that of pervasive information dissemination. And the most effective method of accomplishing this duty is dedicating the greatest amount of time to engaging new, hitherto unaffiliated individuals, instead of repetitively enlightening the enlightened. For we need to significantly expand the pool of our numbers to a critical mass – without which our voice would be lost in the tolling bells of suppression. It must not be expected that such a mass-contact campaign would be easy: we would need to nurture ample mental perseverance given the psychological demoralization inherent in laboring to awaken the apathetic, the bigoted and the morally flexible. We would find ourselves out of breath quite often.

We will harvest the uninitiated with the cruciality of our cause, and with our allegiances. We will not hesitate in revealing the true nature of our common enemy to them, leaving no inroad unexplored. We will resort to patriotic discourse where necessary, to sheer rationale where required and to dialectical resilience where needed in order to convince our audience. We will use all communicative means available to us, prioritizing those which can achieve supreme impact in the least amount of time. Those of us possessing the dexterity of the tongue will use that tongue. Those with writing skills will put such skills to comprehensive use. Those with physical stamina will take to the open sky in a spirited show of constitution-bound demonstrating. And those with all three traits will generously indulge in all quarters.

Unity is the only way to success in joint activism and a splinter-group can undermine an entire cause; much like it takes but one traitor to defeat the whole group. Therefore, in our endeavors we will ensure inclusion along the commonality of ideology, and not stated goal – for clash of ideologies is seldom reconcilable. Secondly, we will maintain our dignity but curb our egos lest they jeopardize our alliance. Thirdly and most importantly, our integrity will be Jinnahite in its infallibility - we will never bend under pressure, we will never yield to fear, we will never succumb to enticement.

These three mantras will form the bedrock of our struggle.The current milieu is a time of flux; like putty it is ripe for molding and shaping. Our founding-fathers have left us with an invaluable blueprint of conflict management, and we are also intellectually well-poised to actualize a popular-reaction. Though we find ourselves outmatched by our opponents' cache of material resources and their Western patronage, we possess a potent counter in the fact that once in unison, we can resonate the realms. And therefore it is critical that we perceive our responsibility to our country's future, and then act upon it. Recognition of this responsibility and its concretization through considered steps is the real path to the fruition of our aspirations - the only path a true patriot knows.

[1] A 1999 US Senate sub-committee report using Mr. Asif Ali Zardari’s money laundering activities as one of the case studies can be read at:

With thanks from

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Pakistan Emergency: Resources to view Geo News and other Information

Dear Readers,

In these troubled times, a complete information blackout has been established by the illegal Musharraf regime. But gone are the days when alternatives were far and few. The following is a list of resources I have been using to obtain as much information as I can.

  1. Geo TV website provides textual updates. Even though the regime has pressurized Dubai to shut down the Geo News uplink facility, Geo continues to defy the ban by streaming on the web. Both live audio and video are available.
  2. As usual Dawn provides excellent coverage on its site. It also provides a link to show Dawn News TV.
  3. This is an independant website providing live streaming of Geo News, ARY One World and other Pakistani channels
  4. This site also provides live stream of Geo News
  5. An essential resource for news and comments on the student movement rising from LUMS, FAST, PU and others.
  6. A source for video clips from news and other media resources regarding the current situation in Pakistan.
  7. Read the daily Express newspaper in Urdu language
  8. The official Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf website provides videos and forums for followers of Imran Khan.
  9. A source of information regarding the rising student movement with a view on FAST university.
  10. The academics join their students in protesting against the subversion of Judiciary, Constitution and Media Independence.

    Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

How To: Subscribe to The Dosti Show RSS Feed

Dear Readers,

If you are already reading this post in your favorite RSS (Real Simple Syndication) reader then you may choose to skip ahead, but if you stick to it, you may find out some of the benefits of subscribing to The Dosti Show RSS feed.

The image on the left shows the RSS subscription panel I have provided in the right column of this blog page. Go ahead, take a moment to have a look at it. Scroll down if need be ---->

Back? Ok. As you have seen you have been provided many ways to subscribe. Just by clicking one 'chiclet' (yes these buttons are called chiclets), you can subscribe for your Google Reader, Yahoo, Newsgator, Netvibes and Bloglines which are some of the more commonly used RSS aggregators.

If thats not your cookie, then you can simply add your email address in the box. You will recieve an email to confirm your choice.

How does it work?
RSS subscriptions work by pulling the latest updates from a provider, just like this blog, and displaying it in your favorite RSS reader or Email application.

What are the benefits of subscribing?

  1. It is absolutely free. There is no subscription cost.
  2. You only get an update in your RSS reader or Email when I add a new post to this blog.
  3. You do not have to browse to this blog, the updates reach you.
  4. If you subscribe to another feed, like my Twenty20 World Cup blog, your RSS reader or Email will be able to aggregate all the updates into one screen for your reading pleasure.
  5. I provide a full RSS feed. This means that the whole content of every post including pictures will reach you.
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  8. Last but not the least, your subscription will boast my morale and I will continue to put as much effort as I can into this blog. I love writing on topics which you want to read and let some of myself come through.

I would like to thank you for reading my blog and supporting me with comments. I believe in open communication and only through this mechanism can we all reach consensus on all the issues that effect us.

Have a great one,

Adnan Ali

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Is there a Turkish Flag on Pakistan's 1000 Currency Note

Red Turkish Flag on the right side. Pakistan's flag color is Green

BBC's Urdu service is reporting that an uproar has errupted in the Pakistani National Assembly when one member pointed out that the newly printed Rupees 1000 currency note actually contains a Turkish flag where a Pakistani flag should appear. There are similarities in the design of the flag but the Pakistani flag is Green and white.
Is this a mistake? How could it have been not noticed before printing? Who approved it and Who should lose his/her job over this blunder?

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Signs of Imminent Return of Sharif Brothers

According to the rumor mill, Nawaz Sharif and Shabaz Sharif's Raiwind residence is being cleaned up for imminent arrival of the Sharif brothers. Shabaz's family is reported to have moved to Raiwind from Lahore.

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Exclusive: Emergency to be Declared in Pakistan

Television media is reporting that the President, General Pervez Musharraf has signed the papers to implement 'Emergency' in Pakistan.

The Emergency is constitutionally allowed in case of:

  1. foreign attack on Pakistan;
  2. internal environment becomes so difficult that it is not manageable by the regular government; and
  3. act of nature
Rumors are spreading all over the country that Emergency will be implemented in Pakistan tonight or on Thursday.

It is being said that one big reason is the start of hearing of the petition of Nawaz and Shabaz Sharif by the Supreme Court, where the Chief Justice will personally be part of the two member bench.

Any such declaration of Emergency will be challenged in the Supreme Court which will be the final word on any such action.

The declaration of Emergency will have to be brought to the joint session of the parliament and it will be a great challenge for the government itself.

The President will have to, after the declaration, announce through an order that which articles of the constitution are being suspended. The important articles are 15 & 17 which corresponds with the Nawaz Sharif petition. Another article is 19 which corresponds with freedom of expression, which can hurt the much revered freedom of the print and tv media in Pakistan.

This is such a situation that the pundits are finding it in favor of most parties. If the petition is not heard then it will be a scapegoat for Nawaz Sharif who can cite this as the reason for not returning. This also gives PPP more time for its deal making. PML(Q) and the president gets one more year so the elections can be held without the interim government. This will help the ruling party gain hold on the two main fighting grounds, the National Assembly and Punjab Assembly.

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Pakistan's Foreign Policy: Do This and We Will be Alright

State Emblem of Islamic Republic of PakistanPakistan's foreign policy is due for a much needed update. The challenges we face today are made of building blocks, some ours and some donated by others. The ability to see the writing on the wall and then act in an organized manner has avoided us for long. Certainly there were many occasions when we should have taken more time to reach a decision. We should have taken feedback from all walks of life. Its hard to do so when the assemblies are mere rubber stamps for a military president. But its not really impossible if the said president has the right judgement.

If one is to go by Dawn's internet edition, both sides of the parliament have come together and debated the latest developments regarding Pakistan's foreign policy. The recent statements of Barack Obama and Tom Trancendo, the US civil nuclear treaty with India, threats of military intervention in Pakistan, the country's role in the war on terror and new conditions on aid to Pakistan are some of the issues that have jolted the lawmakers into life.

While the parliamentary Secretary for Defence has said that ties with USA and India need to be broken and 'Jihad' is the only option left, the saner MPs have all agreed that relations with USA need to be re-evaluated every six months.

Mushahid Hussain, the spokesperson for the ruling PML(Q) had said earlier that if the presidential candidates in USA will make Pakistan a poll issue, then USA will automatically become a hot issue in the upcoming Pakistani elections.

Here is what I think. Apart from scoring points during an election campaign, the US candidates are making points that the major think tanks are raising. This debate is one way at the moment and requires response. We are losing Pakistani soldiers, fighting Pakistanis or adopted foreigners who were previously glorified 'Mujahideen'. We are losing peace in our cities and towns and seeing death and destruction around us and we are being blamed of not doing enough. The US has not seen any major or minor attack since 9/11. That alone should be proof how the US has been supported in the war on terror.

The bottom line should be very clear. Why is it that the US President gets to sign a letter every year declaring us as buddies. We may be friends of convenience but we have been more friendly to the USA than any other country in the region. It is about time Pakistanis declare that its support in the war on terror is based upon an yearly affidavit by the National Assembly. The USA has proven its failure in Afghanistan, Iraq and whereever they have sought to fight its non-sensical war on terror. They have destroyed and humiliated the people, they have disturbed the way of life but they have not been able to solve the issue of militancy against the USA. There is no end to the militancy if the main issues are not solved. Does the US Congress really believe they are making more friends in Pakistan by their latest legislation? This election time point scoring is going to cause further rifts and will definitely damage any combined effort to fight militancy.

Here is my agenda for Pakistan's Foreign Policy:

  1. Declare that Pakistan is ending voluntary participation in the war on terror

  2. Joint session of the Parliament should discuss and include intellectuals and citizens from all walks of life. The Parliament should hold country wide surveys in order to find out the common man's thinking.

  3. Pakistan should declare that all National ID card holders are Pakistani Citizens and therefore no military operation will be held against them in the northeren areas

  4. The border with Afghanistan should be fenced as much as possible,

  5. A joint effort with the help of Kabul government should be launched for the return of Afghan refugees. A deadline should be announced after which authorities can arrest people and deport them.

  6. Traditional Pakhtoon relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan should be compensated by issuing of visit visas on the border.

  7. The OIC (Org. of Islamic Countries) should be revived in Pakistan's leadership and a joint agenda should be approved.

  8. The relations with USA be attached to a consensus Law. This law should limit the level and extent of support we can provide USA and it should be declared to the public.

  9. Pakistan should declare its options on Kashmir. It may have third options or fourth options but all Pakistanis should be told the ground reality of Kashmir

  10. The President should resign as army chief, declare elections, install a transparent interim government and free and independant election commission should hold general elections.

I may have left some other options out but the reason I stated my thinking here is for every one to debate and come up with better options. What would you like to add or change in the above list?
Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Exclusive: Google Blog Search Bans Searches on "Musharraf"

Apparently, Google's Blog Search tool does not like when I search for "musharraf". I thought it was a silly server side error and tried it again but I got the same result.
The URL that google generates when you search for "musharraf" on the Blog Search tool is "".

Here is what the Google error page says:

We're sorry...
... but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.
We'll restore your access as quickly as possible, so try again soon. In the meantime, if you suspect that your computer or network has been infected, you might want to run a virus checker or spyware remover to make sure that your systems are free of viruses and other spurious software.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope we'll see you again on Google.
Seems to me the Google servers have mixed up Musharraf with some kinda spyware or virus, which is not fair even if the Google folks have political thoughts about Musharraf's role in the war against terror.
Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Pakistan Ready to Handover Dawood Ibrahim?

According to reportsDawood Ibrahim: Reputed Smuggler and Most Wanted by Indian Authorities the ISI has captured the infamous Dawood Ibrahim and his associates Tiger Memon and 'chota' Shakeel. India's most wanted and Mumbai mob boss, Dawood Ibrahim was captured on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area on August 2.

The US had earlier stated that his smuggling routes served as means for Al-Qaeda to transfer illegal arms. He was earlier termed as a 'global terrorist' by the US.

Dawood Ibrahim is the main figure accused in the Mumbai bomb attacks in March 1993. He is also one of 20 people present in the list handed over to Pakistan by the Indian authorities.

It is yet to be seen, and I doubt that Indians will take this as a positive gesture and move forwards with Pakistan towards a peaceful region.

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

The Hidden Epidemic: Make Roads Safe

There is an epidemic of colossal magnitude effecting us day and night and yet, not many people are aware of it. Annually, about 1.2 million people die in road accidents. There are 15-20 million disabilities due to road related accidents.

This is not a statistic which deals with other countries, and we have no such problems. Infact 80% of all road crash deaths occur in the developing countries like ours. Road crashes are now the number 1 killer of young people between the age 10 and 24.

Road accidents are not just mere statistics. They are on most part human errors, which can be avoided given proper governmental policies and individual attention. What is the impact of a road accident? The number of deaths are not only a huge human tragedy but also an immense social and economic burdon on these countries.

Cost of the Epidemic

40,000 deaths in the USA cost 300 million dollars. What is the cost of one million deaths? Researchers have put economic values to the losses and the cost is between 1-5% of GDP. Now thats billions of dollars in value.

Another impact is the loss of the bread earner in a family. Not many families in the developing countries have multiple bread winners. What happens when the lone earner is no longer able to do so due to disability or death? A research points out that 50% of all rural poor people in Bangladesh and Banglore reached a point where they had a death or disability of the bread earner. The result is simple. Poor after the accident, not poor before it.

Champion the Cause

It is now required that polticians and indivduals in position to raise the concern take action and champion the cause. More than any thing, it needs to be realized that the major factors, drunk driving (not prevalent in Pakistan), not wearing seat belts, not wearing helmets, not acknowledging or lacking knowledge of road rules can be fixed without spending too much money. These developing countries can cater to this problems withing their current economic conditions.

International Attention

International community is now taking notice. In 2004, the UN established a Road Safety Collaboration which provided a report with help from WHO. The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and United Kingdom has established the FIA Foundation for Automobile and Society. This charity has started a 'Make Roads Safe' campaign whose goal is to put international road injuries on the G8 and UN agenda.

A Pakistani Issue

This is as much a Pakistani issue as any other. Many Pakistanis do not believe on wearing seat belts with in the city limits. Many more do no wear belts on any road where Highway Police does not have any influence. The more dangerous act we do is to place toddlers on the front seat without any car seats or restraining devices. The number of toddler deaths, or road related deaths are not known in Pakistan. But we can assume that toddler deaths due to this irresponsible behavior must be very high.


We can sadly foresee many many young people dying on the roads of the world if this epidemic is not dealt with. Charity starts from home they say, and I agree. Please start wearing seat belts or helmets, make sure your young ones sit on the back seat which reduces accident related deaths by 70-80%. Make it a family event to discuss road conditions and laws. Please put forward the right foot and join the 'Make Roads Safe' campaign by educating yourself, your family, relatives and neighbors.

FIA Foundation
Make Roads Safe
A hidden epidemic: Road Traffic Injuries in Developing Countries

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Breaking News: Javed Hashmi to be Released on Bail

In another decision, which is sure to hurt the writ of General Musharraf, a bench of the Supreme Court has ordered the release of Javed Hashmi on bail.

Javed Hashmi was jailed on a treason case on 29th October, 2003 for 19 years. His family and the PML(N) leaders had maintained his innocence and pleaded for his release.

This decision by the Chief Justice Ch. Iftikhar Ahmad, Justice Rana Bhagwan Das and Justice Faqeer. This is evidence of strengthening Supreme Court and a warning to General Musharraf that his bid to get re-elected as president will surely be challenged in the apex court and his constitutional case is very weak.

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tom Trancedo Threatens Attack on Mecca & Medina

No sooner had we come to terms with Obama, that we have another "solution provider" come up with a deterrent to a nuclear attack on USA. Mr. Tom Tancredo, a republican presidential candidate, bid to out do Obama by clearing a policy position that he would attack Mecca and Medina as a deterrant to a nuclear attack on USA soil.

So this is now fast threatening to become the issue of this presidential debate. The truth of the matter is that serious candidates do not only have to look tough to americans, but also able to give diplomatic presence to the other allied nations. No candidate can be thought of as being presidential if they take such outward positions.

The fact that this comes from a Republican candidate just goes to say how out of touch with the Muslim world these folks are. It is not as if the Muslim population of the world lives in these two cities. How many more militants will such an event raise? And what of investigating a nuclear attack on the USA? So since the Americans attacked Baghdad and Kabul, the Muslims of the world should attack the Pope's residence? A more absurd solution to world problems has never been made.

Tom Tancredo is a lunatic, who made similar comments back in 1995. This was his way of getting press and reviving a dminuitive campaign by trying to out do Obama. He has just shot his own campaign in the foot. And Stay Out!!!

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Russia Stakes Claim on North Pole: Chilingarov Drops Flag Under the Polar Cap

Russia Claims North Pole: Picture Shows Contended Area of the North PoleArtur Chilingarov today became the new Russian hero when he descended to 14,000 feet below the North Pole to drop a Russian flag. He has helped Russia stake a claim on a 463,000 mile area of the Arctic. This is roughly equivalent to half the size of Western Europe.

This area is under contention of five nations including Russia, USA (through Alaska), Canada, Norway and Denmark (through Greenland). Although Russia has an age old claim on this last colonizable land, all five nations ratified a UN convention on Laws of the Sea. This convention limits the contendors to 200 miles of territorial waters.

Benefits of the Claim

There are two main benefits:

The much fabled North East passage has taken many lives in the past as every attempt to make it through thick ice have failed. But global warming has taken its toll and the passage could open up in as less as the next eight years. Controlling this vital passage is definitely a goal for the contendors.

The other benefit is the estimated 10 billion barrels of oil. If Russia can now stake the claim through the UN, this will add to Russia's already heavy energy reserves. The jury on the technology to drill the oil from such an area is still out.

Regardless, Chilingarov and his submarines, Mir 1 and Mir 2 are now bound to be as famous as that other pioneer Russian, Yuri Gagarin.

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Barack Obama is Not a Cowboy

Barack Obama Threatens PakistanBarack Obama is not a cowboy. Why is he trying to act like one? The Democratic junior senator from Illinois, is hoping to strenghthen his weak experience on defence and terrorism by trying to copy George W. Bush's now signature swagger.

If he is chosen the President, he says, he will attack the terrorists holed up in the mountain regions of Pakistan. He would invade another country if Pakistanis do not deal with the problem themselves.
As I said before, he is not a cowboy. This rediculous effort to bolster his campaign by scoring cheap points is not sitting well with the observers in USA and the world over. Obama's naivety is laid open for every one to see as he does not know or fails to acknowledge the complexity, breadth and nature of the issue he is spewing about.

If Pakistan has not done any thing to support the War on Terror, then who has? The joint NATO and American army has lost no more than 300 soldiers. Pakistan alone has lost over 1000 soldiers in its fight against militants. The uprising of violence and terrorisim in the rest of the country has resulted in much more civilian deaths and infrastructure destruction.
Barack Obama started from audacity of hope and is now resting his hope on stupidity. He has not credentials on defence and none so ever, as proven by this latest remark, regarding the role of Pakistan in the war against terror. There is a saying in this part of the world which goes something like this, the crow tried walking like a flamingo and forgot his own style. Obama's consultants have guided him to swagger like Bush as it goes well with the voters. He has lost his own position which he gained in his speech in the last Democratic convention.

The US government, over the last week, has been busy trying to cool down the reactions from the Pakistani government regarding such threats. The consequences of any such mis-adventure are huge. The restlessness that will result in Pakistan will destroy the transition of the Musharraf presidency to a democratically elected government.

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Twenty20 World Cup Blog Launched

It is indeed a pleasure to announce that I have launched a sister blog for Twenty20 Cricket. If you want to keep up to date with the ongoings in the Twenty20 world, head on to the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup blog. There you can get access to the upcoming world cup schedule, squads, updated news and much more.

Do not forget to subscribe to the blog feed. Twenty20 Awayyy!

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Is Khuda Ke Liye unislamic?

Khuda Ke Liye: A Movie by Shoaib Mansoor

There is a lot of debate in the Muslim community, especially here in Pakistan regarding the movie 'Khuda Ke Liye' (In the name of God) by Shoaib Mansoor. Some deem it revival of the cinema in Pakisan, while some debate whether its even anti-Islam.

I had the opportunity to see the movie for myself last night at the newly opened and excellent DHA Cinema in Lahore. Muneeb Ali of the Recommended Movies Blog had kindly written a guest post for this blog and reviewed the movie earlier.

A couple of days ago I came across a Fatwa declaring 'Khuda Ke Liye' unislamic. It was based upon Shoaib Mansoor's comments on the movie's site. I read through the Fatwa and I was not convinced. The reason being that the Fatwa was totally based on the comments of Shoaib Mansoor and not on any watching of the movie. I decided to go ahead and judge for myself.

I have to say that technically and visually the movie is far apart from the regular movies this part of the world produces. Although I felt that the acting and editing could have been snappier in some parts, overall the movie held together.

The movie discusses the following topics:

  • Is music not allowed in Islam?

  • Can a Muslim girl marry a non-Muslim or a Christian?

  • Can a Muslim girl be married off without her consent?

  • Parents should lead by example, especially those who live abroad in non-Muslim cultures.

  • The indoctrination of youth in Pakistan towards militancy

  • Is keeping a beard and wearing shalwar must to be a Muslim?

  • How both the Americans and the Taliban can be termed extremists in many ways

The movie discusses all these topics while it follows the story of three individuals in three different cities; Lahore, Chicago and London. The movie does not go all out in one or another direction on any of the topics, but does tend to show opinion from both sides. I thought the movie was good food for thought and layed out the arguments for every one to make their own judgement. It also brings out many points which need to be researched further.

Regardless of what your opinion is on any of the above issues, I suggest that you go and see this movie for yourself. Efforts like these need to be supported and an open debate about all issues needs to take place in this society. Self accountability is the first step towards widespread agreement in the society. If you can, please do not wait for the DVD and go watch this movie for yourself.

As far as the Fatwa is concerned, I urge the Maulana to see the movie before spitting out vindictive judgements. Isn't it time already that our spiritual and religious teachers follow a more systematic process of issuing a Fatwa?

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Poll Result: What demands priority attention from the re-instated Cheif Justice of Pakistan

Polls are always a good way to judge a community's point of view on an issue. Often, there is a divided result which portrays how differently a community views something.

This isn't the case here. An overwhelming majority of the voters (50% next to 20% for the other option) have expressed the need to reform the Election Commission. I agree with the results as the state of affairs in this country demand that an independant Election Commission holds fair, free and transparent elections.

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Guest Post:Khuda ke Liye Reviewed

People, as you know our cinema industry is on a downfall these days and we can only find movies with titles that include "jatt","gujjar"and etc.In this situation all of a sudden, different big movie makers like Javed Shiekh, Samina Peerzada and others like Reema(Film actress) have made some good big budget movies for the revival of Cinema.In this Hype about 2 years ago we heard that Shoaib Mansoor is going to make a movie.Shoaib Mansoor as we all know is a perfectionist.What ever work he does he does it to perfection.Master pieces like "Unkahi" and "Alpha Bravo Charlie" are proofs of his excellence.Now finally after 2 years he has released his movie named"Khuda ke Liye" and this movie has overpassed all efforts for the revival of cinema and actually attaracted public to cinemas as house full boards are hanging outside cinemas.

I was very excited when this movie was released.So yesterday I went to DHA Cinema in Lahore Defense and bought a ticket for the 9-12 show.this is a newly opened cinema and people if you are in Lahore then this is the Cinema to watch this movie.The environment is great,facilities are great and airconditioning is unbearable sometimes.Seats are comfortable with head rest and a cup holder.You can buy popcorns and other snacks from the cafeteria.

Now about the movie,this movie has touched sensitive issues of our society about which we dont like to discuss openly.This movie maybe the first movie ever made in Pakistan that has made people to think and open their minds.Unlike other majority romantic movies of Lollywood this movie actually has not only romance in it but also other things like a good story,an objective,good music,and most importantly a good moral that is actually making people think about the issues.Issues like music, is it allowed or not allowed in Islam, issues like western clothing, issues like marriage into other religions,issues like women rights in Pakistan and issues like the problems of Muslims In western countries rising after 9/11.The term "khuda ke Liye" is basically a scream by our society to some extremist MAULANAS of our society, who are using islam for their own purposes.How they brainwash our youth into doing things that are totally unislamic.Then this movies shows us some liberalal, moderate Maulanas who have their own point of view and how our youth is strangled and confused between all this.
[Editor's Note: Muneeb Ali is a student of business and a keen observer of social memes, especially in Pakistan and the Muslim world.]
Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Exclusive: American and NATO Operation in Northeren Pakistan is Imminent

According to resources close to tribal leaders in the northeren tribal areas of Pakistan, NATO and American forces are gathering in mass for the first time after the first operation in Afghanistan.

An attack on the Pak-Afghan border is imminent. The role of Pakistan Army is still unexplained as reports are that NATO and Pakistan Army officials have met a few hours ago to discuss a possible attack on the tribal areas, said to have supported Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters.

I have to say that this has been brewing for a few days when American diplomats and the White House have been issuing statements regarding individual action in Pakistani territories. Despite giving angry statements on these statements, the Pakistani officials do not seem to have a way to stop this from happening.

One can only hope that the government of Pakistan and its Army can pursuade NATO and the Americans to do not indulge in this foolish operation as it will not stop the cycle of violence that has been going on in these areas since the then celeberated 'Mujahideen' helped Pakistan, USA and the rest of the free world send back Soviet troops back to the Kremlin.

Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Exclusive Spoiler Alert: Does Harry Potter Die in the End?

It seems like the whole world is busy discussing the fate of Harry Potter. Now that the final book is out, millions are laborously going through the book page by page towards the solution.

There are many of us, readers and non-readers of the Harry Potter series, who wish to know the end before or without reading the last pages. The overall media hype is frustrating for some one like me who is a non-reader, yet slightly curious of the magic boy's fortunes.

Well I have peeked at the final pages and am proudly telling you what happens at the end. Read the full article to find out the spoiler.

All right impatient people, Harry Potter is not only well and alive but gets married, has a bunch of kids and lives happily ever after.

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Poll Result: What advice would you give to President Musharraf?

Our new Polling feature places a new poll on the top of the blog every week. Our first blog poll asked:

"What advice would you give to President Musharraf?"

The results are in and 50% of the participants chose the following option:

  • Resign from the army post, form a concensus government to hold fair and free elections, run for president through the newly elected parliament.

Participate in The Dosti Show weekly poll and help bring consensus in the issues that matter.

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