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Thursday, May 24, 2007

5 Tips to Use Google Trends to Increase Traffic

Amongst Google's treasure box is a handy app named Google Trends. It now provides the top 100 searches from the USA. This is an undervalued tool which can be used to evaluate keywords and increase traffic. There are many ways we can use them but here is a list of 5 tips to use Google Trends to increase traffic.

1. Get Valuable Keyword Information

These are keywords real people are using to search in real time. A list of the top 100 keywords for the day, may not help you complete a statistical analysis, but if you follow it on a daily basis or write a nifty program that scrapes them daily, you can end with a wealth of search trends.

2. Compare Search Keywords

How often have you struggled to find out how your keywords will stand head-to-head. You can use Google Adwords tools to get this done, or you can head to the simpler and easier interface of Google Trends. Just type in your keywords and get results in a graphical format. You do not have to be limited to just a head-to-head comparison, you can add more than two keywords. Just remember to comma-delimit them.

3. Learn How People Use Phrases to Search

Quite often I found myself in a confused state of mind because I can't think of proper search terms for a specific topic. That was before I stumbled upon a way to use Google Trends. I started learning how people not only use single word searches, but real people use complex phrases and multiple word searches to get what they want. As soon as I started using such phrases as keywords, my traffic has increased significantly.

4. Get All Round Data for a Keyword

If it is a top 100 keyword, you can get Key Performance Indices like:

  • search volume
  • related searches
  • peak (when was the keyword most used)
  • Hotness level (a Google Trends scale)
  • Related News Results,
  • Related Blog Results
  • Related Web Search Results

5. Get a Trend History for One or More Keywords

Enter one or more keywords and we can learn how news events effect these keywords. Each event is indexed and the index alphabet is show on the graph. This gives an excellent view of how certain good or bad news events effect the way you can blog about such topics. If you use the tool to assess your own set of keywords, you can see when the users have picked up a search term. For example, searching for mobile software and java mobile software, it is very evident that users picked up "java mobile software" in the last quarter of 2005.

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