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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tom Trancedo Threatens Attack on Mecca & Medina

No sooner had we come to terms with Obama, that we have another "solution provider" come up with a deterrent to a nuclear attack on USA. Mr. Tom Tancredo, a republican presidential candidate, bid to out do Obama by clearing a policy position that he would attack Mecca and Medina as a deterrant to a nuclear attack on USA soil.

So this is now fast threatening to become the issue of this presidential debate. The truth of the matter is that serious candidates do not only have to look tough to americans, but also able to give diplomatic presence to the other allied nations. No candidate can be thought of as being presidential if they take such outward positions.

The fact that this comes from a Republican candidate just goes to say how out of touch with the Muslim world these folks are. It is not as if the Muslim population of the world lives in these two cities. How many more militants will such an event raise? And what of investigating a nuclear attack on the USA? So since the Americans attacked Baghdad and Kabul, the Muslims of the world should attack the Pope's residence? A more absurd solution to world problems has never been made.

Tom Tancredo is a lunatic, who made similar comments back in 1995. This was his way of getting press and reviving a dminuitive campaign by trying to out do Obama. He has just shot his own campaign in the foot. And Stay Out!!!

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