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Friday, July 27, 2007

Exclusive: American and NATO Operation in Northeren Pakistan is Imminent

According to resources close to tribal leaders in the northeren tribal areas of Pakistan, NATO and American forces are gathering in mass for the first time after the first operation in Afghanistan.

An attack on the Pak-Afghan border is imminent. The role of Pakistan Army is still unexplained as reports are that NATO and Pakistan Army officials have met a few hours ago to discuss a possible attack on the tribal areas, said to have supported Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters.

I have to say that this has been brewing for a few days when American diplomats and the White House have been issuing statements regarding individual action in Pakistani territories. Despite giving angry statements on these statements, the Pakistani officials do not seem to have a way to stop this from happening.

One can only hope that the government of Pakistan and its Army can pursuade NATO and the Americans to do not indulge in this foolish operation as it will not stop the cycle of violence that has been going on in these areas since the then celeberated 'Mujahideen' helped Pakistan, USA and the rest of the free world send back Soviet troops back to the Kremlin.

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