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Monday, November 19, 2007

Pakistan Emergency: Resources to view Geo News and other Information

Dear Readers,

In these troubled times, a complete information blackout has been established by the illegal Musharraf regime. But gone are the days when alternatives were far and few. The following is a list of resources I have been using to obtain as much information as I can.

  1. Geo TV website provides textual updates. Even though the regime has pressurized Dubai to shut down the Geo News uplink facility, Geo continues to defy the ban by streaming on the web. Both live audio and video are available.
  2. As usual Dawn provides excellent coverage on its site. It also provides a link to show Dawn News TV.
  3. This is an independant website providing live streaming of Geo News, ARY One World and other Pakistani channels
  4. This site also provides live stream of Geo News
  5. An essential resource for news and comments on the student movement rising from LUMS, FAST, PU and others.
  6. A source for video clips from news and other media resources regarding the current situation in Pakistan.
  7. Read the daily Express newspaper in Urdu language
  8. The official Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf website provides videos and forums for followers of Imran Khan.
  9. A source of information regarding the rising student movement with a view on FAST university.
  10. The academics join their students in protesting against the subversion of Judiciary, Constitution and Media Independence.

    Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.

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