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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kathy Sierra Death Threats - Publicity Stunt?

It was disturbing to know that every one's favorite Kathy Sierra got death and violent threats on her blog. It was even more appalling that some major blogs in the blogosphere recieved comments containing similar content about Kathy. But is even more so disturbing and disheartening is that Kathy declined to attend ETech where she was supposed to be speaking.

First, lets get it out of our systems. Was this a hoax? A publicity stunt, a well organized publicity stunt? Why would Kathy need to do it? She's got following and a regular one at that. And its even not some bad publicity which is actually good in the longer run. But I have to consider this an option. Since we do not yet know the true identity of the threat maker, it is safe to say that it could also be a gimmick.

Regardless, what seems to be very disappointing is that Kathy and the rest of the blogosphere take these things seriously. Have we not seen such things before in other media? This is probably a moron looking for attention. Calling her names with sexual innuendo, this freak of nature thinks he or she can get fifteen minutes of fame.

Well now Kathy Sierra, has elongated those fifteen minutes. By not attending and speaking at ETech, she has given a hopeless, pathetic loser a second wind. Good Job Kat.

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