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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Exclusive: Emergency to be Declared in Pakistan

Television media is reporting that the President, General Pervez Musharraf has signed the papers to implement 'Emergency' in Pakistan.

The Emergency is constitutionally allowed in case of:

  1. foreign attack on Pakistan;
  2. internal environment becomes so difficult that it is not manageable by the regular government; and
  3. act of nature
Rumors are spreading all over the country that Emergency will be implemented in Pakistan tonight or on Thursday.

It is being said that one big reason is the start of hearing of the petition of Nawaz and Shabaz Sharif by the Supreme Court, where the Chief Justice will personally be part of the two member bench.

Any such declaration of Emergency will be challenged in the Supreme Court which will be the final word on any such action.

The declaration of Emergency will have to be brought to the joint session of the parliament and it will be a great challenge for the government itself.

The President will have to, after the declaration, announce through an order that which articles of the constitution are being suspended. The important articles are 15 & 17 which corresponds with the Nawaz Sharif petition. Another article is 19 which corresponds with freedom of expression, which can hurt the much revered freedom of the print and tv media in Pakistan.

This is such a situation that the pundits are finding it in favor of most parties. If the petition is not heard then it will be a scapegoat for Nawaz Sharif who can cite this as the reason for not returning. This also gives PPP more time for its deal making. PML(Q) and the president gets one more year so the elections can be held without the interim government. This will help the ruling party gain hold on the two main fighting grounds, the National Assembly and Punjab Assembly.

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