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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Barack Obama is Not a Cowboy

Barack Obama Threatens PakistanBarack Obama is not a cowboy. Why is he trying to act like one? The Democratic junior senator from Illinois, is hoping to strenghthen his weak experience on defence and terrorism by trying to copy George W. Bush's now signature swagger.

If he is chosen the President, he says, he will attack the terrorists holed up in the mountain regions of Pakistan. He would invade another country if Pakistanis do not deal with the problem themselves.
As I said before, he is not a cowboy. This rediculous effort to bolster his campaign by scoring cheap points is not sitting well with the observers in USA and the world over. Obama's naivety is laid open for every one to see as he does not know or fails to acknowledge the complexity, breadth and nature of the issue he is spewing about.

If Pakistan has not done any thing to support the War on Terror, then who has? The joint NATO and American army has lost no more than 300 soldiers. Pakistan alone has lost over 1000 soldiers in its fight against militants. The uprising of violence and terrorisim in the rest of the country has resulted in much more civilian deaths and infrastructure destruction.
Barack Obama started from audacity of hope and is now resting his hope on stupidity. He has not credentials on defence and none so ever, as proven by this latest remark, regarding the role of Pakistan in the war against terror. There is a saying in this part of the world which goes something like this, the crow tried walking like a flamingo and forgot his own style. Obama's consultants have guided him to swagger like Bush as it goes well with the voters. He has lost his own position which he gained in his speech in the last Democratic convention.

The US government, over the last week, has been busy trying to cool down the reactions from the Pakistani government regarding such threats. The consequences of any such mis-adventure are huge. The restlessness that will result in Pakistan will destroy the transition of the Musharraf presidency to a democratically elected government.

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