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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bob Woolmer Murder Mystery : Memorial Services Held as Interpol Steps In

A stirring memorial service took place in South Africa in honor of late Bob Woolmer. The Pakistan coach was found dead, later declared murdered, on March 18, 2007. Among the mourners were Bob's wife and family, ex-South Africa players and Dr. Nasim Ashraf from Pakistan.

Many reports have appeared on the web and in print after the service. Bob's wife has been quoted saying that she tried to stop Bob from taking the Pakistan job. She also spoke of her wish that if Bob's upcoming book would stir up a storm, then it would rather not be published.

Interpol Expert Hired

Meanwhile, Interpol has been asked for help. A DNA expert has arrived in Jamaica to provide expertise in the most controversial and high profile murder mystery in the history of the carribean island.

The cricketing world is still seeking the texocology report which would confirm the poison theory mentioned here. It is a certainity now that the would be killers will not be lurking around the islands any more and most probably have left the country.

CCTV Identifies Possible Suspects

CCTV recordings have been digitized and rumors are abound that more than two people were seen entering Bob's room. It seems to a learned observer that such recordings dont always provide clear pictures for identification purposes. But atleast we now presumably know the number of people who entered the room and did not come out till long. Newspaper article in the Dawn mentioned that the Jamaican police may not report on the CCTV identities till the end of the world cup. It just dissolves the importanc of the finding because one would believe they would be bustling to make arrests and not hang around till the world cup is over and extends the dark shadow that already engulfs it completely.

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