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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bob Woolmer Murder Case : Poisoned to Death?

The Jamaican police are now investigating the theory that Bob Woolmer was poisoned to incapacitate before being strangled.

Poison Suspected

The police received a lead that aconite, a cyanide-like poison. According to reports on Cricinfo, "Aconite causes internal organ failure and forces the victim's breathing to slow until it finally stops. Death is usually by asphyxiation within 30 minutes."

As discussed previously, the more we look at it, the more it seems like perhaps the initial coroner's report was not up to the mark.

Possible Scenario

If it is really a case of poisoning then it is entirely possible that:

  1. Woolmer felt the effects of the poison at some early hour
  2. He felt heavy nausea resulting in violent vomiting
  3. He lost his bearings and fell down
  4. He struck his neck against a bathroom sink or tub
  5. Asphyxiation aided by the poison and the fall injury took over

CCTV Not Helpful

It now seems evident that even the CCTV tapes have not been fruitful in solving this mystery. Bob Woolmer's death during Cricket World Cup 2007, is now more than two weeks old and yet the police are still struggling to find a suitable and single reason of death.

Help Arrives from Britain, Pakistan

Four police officers from Scotland Yard, as well as two senior police investigators from Pakistan are due to arrive in Kingston tomorrow. Jamaican Police is adamant that this in no way means that they have reached the end of line or admit that they might have missed something during this investigation.

In light of how the controvercy is now shifting towards how this investigation has been handled, I am very pessimistic that we can get to hear a definitive reason of death or charges brought against any one.

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