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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Guest Post:Khuda ke Liye Reviewed

People, as you know our cinema industry is on a downfall these days and we can only find movies with titles that include "jatt","gujjar"and etc.In this situation all of a sudden, different big movie makers like Javed Shiekh, Samina Peerzada and others like Reema(Film actress) have made some good big budget movies for the revival of Cinema.In this Hype about 2 years ago we heard that Shoaib Mansoor is going to make a movie.Shoaib Mansoor as we all know is a perfectionist.What ever work he does he does it to perfection.Master pieces like "Unkahi" and "Alpha Bravo Charlie" are proofs of his excellence.Now finally after 2 years he has released his movie named"Khuda ke Liye" and this movie has overpassed all efforts for the revival of cinema and actually attaracted public to cinemas as house full boards are hanging outside cinemas.

I was very excited when this movie was released.So yesterday I went to DHA Cinema in Lahore Defense and bought a ticket for the 9-12 show.this is a newly opened cinema and people if you are in Lahore then this is the Cinema to watch this movie.The environment is great,facilities are great and airconditioning is unbearable sometimes.Seats are comfortable with head rest and a cup holder.You can buy popcorns and other snacks from the cafeteria.

Now about the movie,this movie has touched sensitive issues of our society about which we dont like to discuss openly.This movie maybe the first movie ever made in Pakistan that has made people to think and open their minds.Unlike other majority romantic movies of Lollywood this movie actually has not only romance in it but also other things like a good story,an objective,good music,and most importantly a good moral that is actually making people think about the issues.Issues like music, is it allowed or not allowed in Islam, issues like western clothing, issues like marriage into other religions,issues like women rights in Pakistan and issues like the problems of Muslims In western countries rising after 9/11.The term "khuda ke Liye" is basically a scream by our society to some extremist MAULANAS of our society, who are using islam for their own purposes.How they brainwash our youth into doing things that are totally unislamic.Then this movies shows us some liberalal, moderate Maulanas who have their own point of view and how our youth is strangled and confused between all this.
[Editor's Note: Muneeb Ali is a student of business and a keen observer of social memes, especially in Pakistan and the Muslim world.]
Do not agree with my opinions? Let me know. Leave a comment and I will reply right back.


Anonymous said...

Issues like music, is it allowed or not allowed in Islam, issues like western clothing, issues like marriage into other religions,issues like women rights in Pakistan and issues like the problems of Muslims In western countries rising after 9/11.
this is wat you have stated in ur review about the movie.I just want to know few things from you.Do we as muslims need a movie to understand islamic issues?? Shudn't we already know tht music which keeps u away from Allah is haram, shudn't we already know tht muslim women are not allowed to marry non muslim men,shudnt we already know tht 6 rules of pardha shud be followed in both muslim men n women, so it doesnt matter if u wear shalwar kameez or jeans.A movie had to raise islamic issues for muslims sad!!
And secondly why did shoib mansoor potraited tht muslims are so divided.He gave a chance to non-muslims to laugh on us.That what they(non-muslims) think about islam is so correct.Cudnt he potray a better picture of true muslims in his movie to tell the world tht wat really islam is.Did he has to show dat how muslims themselves dont follow the right path, when already we r being pointed out and laughed at.wudnt it be better to show tht true muslims are the sufferers not the liberals??

adnan ali said...

Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your comments with us. Although I have not seen the movie myself, Muneeb's review of the movie brings up many questions. I will make my mind on it when I go see the movie myself.

Regardless, I think the assumption that knowledge about Islamic rules is clear and cut in Pakistani youth is wrong. You may be more knowledgable than others. The truth of the matter is that the current crop of religious and spiritual teachers have lost touch and connection with the youth. There is lot of confusion in young minds.

I also do not agree with your opinion that Shoaib Mansoor is showing a divided Muslim community. How long will we keep hiding from our own facts. The Muslim community is indeed divided. If we are not going to face the truth ourselves, then a movie maker will do it. Do we need a movie to tell us what is right and wrong. No, and that is not what I think Shoaib Mansoor is doing either. He is, on the other hand, raising questions that we seldom acknowledge and a movie is as good as any medium for this purpose.

Muneeb Ali said...

Hi anonymousguy, thanks for your comment,I bet you didnt see the, please before commenting go to a cinema and watch the movie actually adn pleaasee dont wait for the DVD to come out.In many years of movie making finaally there is a movie that has actually raised problems of our society.Many hollywood movies show black white racist problems in them, so you will say why are they showing thier negative points.We cant hide anything these days.then, u will say that why these news channels of our country are showing controversies.Youth of pakistan is confused.Id ididnt said that this movie actually dictates us if music is allowed or not and about other other issues,but it has actually made people hungry to know the truth about these things and thatas a good thing.yeah we dont need movies to tell us what Islam is.....but we do need some medium like movies to wakeup people of Paksitan and think about these issues and i think this movie has done just that....waiting for your reply

Anonymous said...

first of all im not a anonymous guy, luckily im gurl.I bever said im against the movie...the review raised sum questions in my mind and i asked them.But i forgot that yes not every muslim is fully literate as far as islam is concerned, so we really need movies to wake the youth up.But as Allhumdulilah with the grace of Allah i already know a little bit of islam so i really dont need a movie to tell me wat islam is? they were just queries i wasn't being against anything.Sorry if i hurt ur feelings !!! And adnan thnx for ur kind answer.

adnan ali said...

Hi Anonymous girl, first of all I am sorry if you were offended. Anonymous girls are as welcome here as anonymous guys :)

Secondly, your opinion is respected and its good to know both sides of the spectrum. Thanks for clearing up your stance once again and I hope you continue to contribute your opinion.

All the best,


Muneeb Ali said...

Hi anonymous girl again,sorry this is just my style of writing, I got all fired up...atleast i changed your mind about if we need some medium to wake up youth of Pakistan.

Now about marriage of Muslim women in other religion, I saw Aalim Online on Geo today and they were discussing that this issue is not clear in Quran and it is Ijmaa of Muslim Scholars that this type of marriage is not allowed.

I mean all the issues raised in this movie are creating confusion and dividing our sociey.Lets take music, one group says its totally haram,other group say its totally allowed and then there is a third socalled moderate inbetween group.

Now majority of us do know a little bit about Islam but we really need to address these issues more sensitively....

Muneeb Ali said...

Also regarding issue of music,please visit this web address:

Iam not saying we should believe whatever it says but we should think about it and discuss it with our friends and family.

Sani said...

I saw this movie,yesterday in Rawalpindi. The movie, may be different, as contrary to all other movies fllowing the mainstream fucked up topics, but u didnt like the movie personally.
the movie is all based on controversial stuff, as islam is already concidered a religion of terrorist, nowhere in the movie shows that islam is against terrorism, morover molvie in the movy was against singing and poetry but he failed to give satisfactory answer on tthe concept of Music in islam.

Sani said...

the movie is highly controversial as it only reflected the dark,wrong and fake side of our religion. moreover molvie in the movie with a big beard failed to give satisfactory answer that yyyyyyy "music" is haram, he said, "islam didnt allow its followers to think too much on an issue"
ths is totally wrong. movie ought to be banned

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