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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Geoff Lawson Set To 'Australiaze' Pakistan Cricket

Geoffrey Francis Lawson, born at the oddly named, Wagga Wagga; New South Wales on December 7, 1957, known as Henry. This is the profile of the new Pakistan Cricket coach. An all Aussie choice pool, also including Dav Whatmore, albeit more desi than Aussie, has resulted in this choice. Trained optometerist by training, perhaps he will be able to fix the short sighteness currently pervailing in PCB.

Not known as much for his coaching abilities as for his media work, he is supposed to be a softer choice for the players in comparison to Whatmore. But that might just not be the case as discussed by Osman Samiuddin in his Cricinfo article.

His pedigree as a tough Australian fast bowler aside, the main question is how much will he be able to support the batsmen, who really need supporting. He has already struck a diplomatic chord with one, we can rest assured, to be his biggest vocal critics. Asking Javed Miandad to play a role with the team was a stroke of genius. It showed that he knew the landscape and also 'keep your friends close and enemies closer'. Javed has responded quickly and positively. How positive it will end up being is for us to see.

Well its not going to take long for us to see how things are going to shape up. The twenty20 worldcup aside, South Africa is due in Pakistan, and then that litmus test for all Pakistan cricket, a tour of India.

For now its time for optimism and good wishes. Good luck Henry.

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