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Monday, April 09, 2007

Bob Woolmer Murder Mystery : Easter Sunday Fades Without Any Break In Case

As the Monday after Easter Sunday fades out, the memory of the late Pakistan coach, Bob Woolmer still shines bright. Amongst news reports that texicology reports on Bob will take four further weeks to arrive, the world cup moves on.

The rumor mills on the other hand is running full tilt. A host of bloggers are leading the effort. Theories including match fixing mafia and some lost chapters from Bob's upcoming manuscript are cited. On the other hand, the old fox of Pakistan cricket, Sarfraz Nawaz has been in the limelight once again. It was enough that he had come on Geo News and speculated how he knew bookies who had gone to the carribean, he is now being sued by Imran Khan and similar action is being researched by Shoaib Malik.

Sarfraz himself, has sued PCB chairman, Dr. Nasim Ashraf for ten crore rupees.

It is evident that in the absence of proper news from Jamaica, the bandwagon has found refuge in its own theatrics.

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