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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bob Woolmer Murder Case - Was He Really Murdered?

Was Bob Woolmer really murdered?

Did the police make an error in judgement?

Given the conditions of his hotel room, could there be another explanation?

These are the questions which must be answered correctly, quickly and finally. According to reports, the Jamaican police are about to order a second autopsy.

Well well well!!!
What do we have here? Mark Shields, the Deputy Police Commissioner says this might be needed if they make an arrest and lay a charge. I ask this of Mr. Shields, how sure is he that there was a crime committed at all. It seems to me that now there is a significant doubt in authenticity of this murder claim.

First Autopsy 'inconsistent'
When Ere Seshiah, the forensic pathologist, first declared the autopsy results 'inconsistent', it should have sent alarm bells ringing. But the confidence shown by the authorities in declaring it a murder case swept every one away. We genuinely believed that indeed, Bob Woolmer was murdered.

Condition of the Room
Let us examine the condition of the room. We know the following:

  1. No forced entry. The room door or the lock was not tampered with. What if no one ever entered the room?
  2. Vomiting in unusually high places in the bathroom and signs of diarrhea were widely reported on the day Bob's body was found.
  3. Nothing was stolen or missing from the room.
  4. Broken bone in throat points towards asphyxation (strangled to death).
  5. Bob sent his last email to Dr. Nasim Ashraf (Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board) at 6:00AM.
  6. Even CCTV tapes have not yeilded any results.

Is there a possible alternative?

Alternative Scenario

I have a couple. Could it be possible that:

  1. Bob Woolmer woke up, sent his emails, went to the washroom, slipped and got hurt badly in a heavy fall against one of the bathroom sinks? This would explain the vomiting and feces.
  2. Bob Woolmer had food poisoning, and thus went ahead to the washroom during the night and had lost enough fluids in his body to loose consciousness. Again he might have fell heavily against a sink to have broken the bone in his throat.

It Still May Be Murder

The true intution is that it may still be a case of blatant murder. But the lack of progress by the Jamaican police in making an arrest, and now the reports of a second autoposy create severe doubts. This is fast approaching towards a mystery we may never be able to solve.

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