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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pakistan Cricket Chief Announces New Plan

Pakistan Cricket Chief, Dr. Nasim Ashraf has just announced a new plan for Pakistan Cricket in a press conference.

PCB Management Team

Shafqat Naghmi - Chief Operations Officer
Hassan Ahmad - Chief Financial Officer
Saleem Altaf - Director of Special Projects / Director of All ICC Events in Pakistan & Adviser to Chairman for Cricket
Mudassar Nazar - Director National Cricket Academy
Aaqib Javed - Chief Coach National Cricket Academy
Zakir Khan - Director Operations Domestic Cricket
Shafeeq Papa - Head International Cricket
Subhan Ahmad - Senior General Manager


  • District associations will have participation in a body of associations.
  • Regions will have seats in the board.
  • In the short term, there is no cause to panic or over react.
  • Learn lessons from defeat.
  • High powered three member peformance evaluation committee to report in 30 days to be made public.
  • The committee will be of Ijaz Butt, Salahuddin Sallu and Saleem Altaf.
  • All player contracts are suspended.
  • PCB will develop performance based contracts to be implemented in 90 days.
  • Mental attitude and fitness is 90% of winning.
  • Other teams react to different pitch conditions in a much better manner.
  • Fielding comes from practice and physical fitness.
  • PCB is actively exploring a fielding coach from baseball in USA.
  • The fielding coach will have at least one year contract to bring physical descipline in not only the team but also at all levels of cricket.
  • The national coach will most likely be a Pakistani coach.
  • In new contracts, discipline amongst the teams will be inviolable. The days of big name players and choosing one's day are gone in Pakistan cricket. Manager will be the boss of the team.
  • Every player will sign a code of conduct which will be printed in the media. Every one will know what are the rights, responsibilities of a player who has signed a contract.
  • Professionalism, pride and hunger needs to be developed.
  • Mudassar Nazar over the next two years will arrange the best possible openers.
  • Wicket keeper / batsman requires a backup for Kamran Akmal.

In Short Term:

  • National talent hunt will occur all over pakistan.
  • Looking for prodigies, exceptional talent who can straight away walk in the team.
  • Three test cricketers will conduct the talent hunt.
  • In long term, 11 regions will have two paid talent scouts per region who will look for potential in their regions.
  • Request to all senior cricketers to be constructive and volunteer.
  • Player path way from under 13 to national team will be followed.
  • National Cricket Review Committe needs to be formed to revamp domestic cricket.
  • PCB will look at the future tour program and make sure that national players need to play in domestic cricket.
  • A coach and trainer on a permanent basis per region until PCB has man power for district teams.

Medium and long term plans (2007 - 2011)

  • Teams are not built in one year.
  • Rs. 1 billion allocated to development of grounds and pitches in every district.
  • Cement pitches are the worst disservice to Pakistan cricket.
  • Turf pitches will be made.
  • 24 cricket grounds in punjab will be restored in one year under partnerships with the government of punjab.

Selection Committee

  • A new selection committee will be formed
  • The members will be payed, full time employees of PCB


Biby Cletus said...

Nice post, its a really cool blog that you have here, keep up the good work, will be back.

Warm Regards

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Mysorean said...

Can we use the same rules for Indian cricket too?

I removed that "GMail paper" post! Found it very embarrassing to get fooled on my own blog! :P

adnan ali said...

I think Pakistan has shown some maturity after the world cup debacle. I am waiting for April 6th to find out how Indian authorities handle the early exit.

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