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Friday, March 30, 2007

Iran TV Broadcasts British Troop's Confession

AlJazeera (English) is currently announcing in Breaking News that Iran TV is broadcasting a British troop's confession that they were in fact in Iranian waters at the time of arrest.

As US Navy continues its exercise close to the Iranian waters, this is another step in what I believe an escalating crisis in the Persian Gulf.

That there is a confession itself is a controvercy. No one can claim that this confession came of the troop's own will. There was no camera shot of the surroundings of the troop and quiet easily could have guns pointed at his head. On the other hand, no one can claim for sure that this is a forced confession. So pundits from both sides will raise their points but the conclusion will be based on what side you take.

The actual matter of the fact is that this is not an event which will help in cooling tensions. This is most definitely an escalation.

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