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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Inzamam Bids Farewell In Emotional Last Match

Inzamam leaving the ground for the last time in ODI Almost 15 years from the day when Inzamam shone on the world cup stage against an unbeated New Zealand side in a semi-final, big Inzi could not stop his tears as he went past his team members who gave him a guard of honour at the end of his last ODI Innings.

It was a brisk innings. As if he was committed to shed the pressure he had faced since the last eight months. Hitting majestic sixes and boundaries in his 37 runs, he gave the innings another boast along with Imran Nazir.

It speaks a lot about Inzi's 17 year long illustreous career, that every Zimbabwe player greeted him as he began to walk towards the pavilion, one last time. He swung his bat above his head and seemed to be in control, but as he got close to the Pakistani players, tears swelled his eyes.

Younus Khan, the captain in waiting (?) was the first to offer support. The crowd on its feet, most admitted in later interviews that they had come mainly to bid farewell to Inzamam who they had liked very much.

Pakistani politics is weird so I can not say whether he will be selected for a Test match again, but the next opportunity to see Inzi will be in September. As for now, we remember a hero, who has been the backbone of Pakistani batting for so long, its hard to conjure pictures of what was before him.

Inzamam, the Pakistani nation is emotional and fragile. We may not seem like we deserved you, but rest assured, soon we will forget the turmoils of the last eight months and remember the best of Inzamam-ul-Haq. Good luck in what ever it is you wish to do.

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