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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pakistan Ready to Handover Dawood Ibrahim?

According to reportsDawood Ibrahim: Reputed Smuggler and Most Wanted by Indian Authorities the ISI has captured the infamous Dawood Ibrahim and his associates Tiger Memon and 'chota' Shakeel. India's most wanted and Mumbai mob boss, Dawood Ibrahim was captured on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area on August 2.

The US had earlier stated that his smuggling routes served as means for Al-Qaeda to transfer illegal arms. He was earlier termed as a 'global terrorist' by the US.

Dawood Ibrahim is the main figure accused in the Mumbai bomb attacks in March 1993. He is also one of 20 people present in the list handed over to Pakistan by the Indian authorities.

It is yet to be seen, and I doubt that Indians will take this as a positive gesture and move forwards with Pakistan towards a peaceful region.

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1 comment:

bas kamal said...

every1 iz involved in dese illegal activities so who will capture dis type of ppl...

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