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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Geo TV Hacking : Did Geo Hack its Own Web Site

Its scandalous, overwhelmingly foolhardy, and not some thing you can write off altogether. Did Geo TV hack its own site to register a unique protest against the heavy handedness of the Pervez Musharraf regime.

The fame that Geo got from the attack on its Islamabad office during the first supreme court hearing, really gave them a good uplift in the viewer community. The recent attacks on Aaj TV on 12th May, gave them an audience unsurpassed by any other private news channel. Geo TV must have missed the limelight that was stolen away by Aaj TV's Talat Hussein, as he and his team of cameramen hunched low close to the ground facing hostile fire at them.

There is a chance, per say, that Geo TV's website was actually disfigured by its own web master. The reason for this point of view is the nature of the hack. The website was found hacked at 8:00am by the public. Within half an hour, the news section was brought down for maintenance. This showed that some sort of control was taken by the Geo team. But then around 9:00am, the website was again visible with insults in every heading and news detail page.

If it was not a self-preservence effort, then the question is who was the culprit? There are many candidates. These days there is no lack of Musharraf haters. The joint opposition, although such crass language is hard to imagine from the "Mullah" section.

Whatever the scenario, this current struggle against Pervez Musharraf, and believe it, it is more against Pervez Musharraf than for the restoration of law and constitution, has moved on the cyberspace and we cannot discount the occurence of further guerilla attacks.

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