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Monday, April 02, 2007

Ticket Holders Mourn : Cricket World Cup Super Hit Becomes Super Flop

It is a day that 1.5 billion people of India and Pakistan looked forward to eversince the clash in World Cup 2003.

Pakistan vs. India becomes Ireland vs. Bangladesh

April 15, 2007. A day that will live in infamy. Where billions expected to watch a fervent, war like game of cricket between the two Asian giants, the events of the first round dictate that we will have to watch a less glorious, mostly insignificant game between Bangladesh and Ireland.

Ticket Holders Rue Black Saturday

Thousands of ticket holders are now ruing Black Saturday (March 17, 2007). The day of upsets, as they call it, saw Pakistan losing to minnows Ireland on a controversial pitch. In another game, fizzy Bangladesh brought down the might of India.

Indian and Pakistani cricket followers, primarily from USA, UK and Canada, had made ticket, flight and hotel arrangements to watch their favorite teams come head to head in a world cup fixture once again. These have always been well fought matches and historically India has a superiority over Pakistan in world cup games.

Now these fans, already broken hearted, are also facing losses of hundreds to thousands of dollars.

I will be watching the Bangladesh vs. Ireland game. I don't think I will be rooting for any one side, but I might just slightly favor the tigers.

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