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Thursday, March 24, 2005

23rd March Pakistan Day


It has been sixty five years since the hopes and wishes of millions of people were transcribed into a declaration. The poignant gathering of so many in Lahore on that fateful day brought into existence what seemed to the detractors nothing but an insane poet's dream.

Undoubtedly, we will not know to any extent of completeness, all the sacrifices given by the common man, woman, child and old. Our history, unfortunately was written by either foreigners still breathing colonial air, or it was told by dubious characters who mended it, patched it and exploited it according to their own political advantage. Otherwise how did we so criminally forget to dwell on every word of baba Quaid's first speech to our first legislative parliament?


The mere thought of the pertinent importance and responsibility it brings with it should make us tremble. It is a good thing that we don't have to look into the eyes of baba Quaid-e-Azam and answer uncle Allama Iqbal's questions. Thankfully, the dead are not afforded such abilities. But our next generations can do so. What will we say to our next generations?
Sixty five years into the inception of this idea of Pakistan, we are still indecisive on the most fundamental of questions. Should there be a religion section in the passport? How do we implement Sharia? What is our constitution? and are we going to be generous hosts to our minorities or will we become extremist exploiters of the same principles which shaped the idea of Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

While we see a maturing media take the government to task over matters of such inexplicable incompetence, isn't it a shame that such matters exist in the first place. What can we say about an Islamic Republic where the task of providing clean water, basic health and education is left to a group of past sportsmen and artists? Where have we lost the sound of reason raised by that jurist we know as Quaid-e-Azam? The colonials have left us long ago. But the caretakers never forgot the rule of divide and conquer. I am writing letters to editors of news papers and TV media to please stop paying attention the this puppet play directed by the government and its opposition. We can not be left to watch the puppets create an issue and then quarrel over it publicly while our children are looking up to us. Some say resources are being wasted by printing books and then taking them back, by printing passports without religion sections and then calling back all passports for new ones with religion sections. This doesn't end here. There are so many basic issues being quarrelled over all the time after every so many years. I don't even think about the resources. Our generations are being confused and destroyed by this tragedy.

What will we say to our next generations? Will we leave Pakistan a better place for them with more promise and resources to find their destinies? or will we leave them a divided, bitter Pakistan, devoid of any positive impression and full of echos of past mistakes?


It is a heavy responsibility demanding action and not mere drawing room politics and hand wrangling.

Allah help us.


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